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you were together once. now one of you is gone from the world and the other remains. anyone can tell you: the impossibility of reunion is absolute.

do you believe them?

your lover is dead is a single-session story game for two players, exploring the relationship between a couple separated by death or a similarly devastating boundary.

it isn’t a game where chance plays a significant role; there are no dice or coin-tosses. it’s a game where the unexpected is created in the interaction between two people, and two characters with an imperfect understanding of each other.

to play you require two players able to communicate (face-to-face, over voice chat, text chat, the phone), and two distinguishable types of token. a game takes about 1-2 hours. the 'simplified' pdf contains a large text version of the rules which is compatible with screen readers.

is letting go so bad? is holding on?


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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your_lover_is_dead_-_simplified.pdf 1 MB

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